“One of the most politically damaging aspects of the debt ceiling debate for Republicans is that their fiscal priorities are at odds with super-majorities of Americans. About three-quarters favor raising taxes on the rich and clawing back tax advantages for oil and gas companies and the private jets owned by businesses. Meanwhile, the GOP’s open campaign to substantially scale back spending on Social Security and Medicare and restructure those programs is opposed by more than 8 out of 10 Americans.”

From CNN: Who’s winning the debt debate?

3 thoughts on “Who’s Winning the Debt Debate?

  1. Pretty misleading considering that the debt ceiling wouldn’t need to be raised if there where more taxes and less tax breaks. Maybe Obama wants it raised because he won’t actually hit the wealthy and big oil as hard as his supporters think. Not that something like would happen in politics…


  2. Over the last two years or so, many Obama supporters have been second guessing just how committed the President is to hitting the wealthy and big oil. There’s the sense that Obama is really just another governmental leader upholding the status quo. Not much change is leading to a depletion of hope.

    It is interesting, though, to listen to the outrage on the right. Those on the political right are convinced that Obama is a raving socialist and some otherwise reasonable people even speculate that he is deliberately running the country to the ground. My sense is that most conservative Republicans believe that if Obama only had half a chance, he would push the nation into an authoritarian socialism not unlike that of Soviet Russia.

    So………………….Whose Obama is the real Obama?


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