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There’s nothing quite like a cold beer on a warm summer night.

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Writer. In the summers, I live and work in the incredible state of Alaska, in the bush community of McCarthy; I pass the winters in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. I'm working on a memoir-based nonfiction book on the American Dream. I blog, quite frequently, and I also have a novel in process, set in Alaska.


  1. musingmonkey says

    Just one more reason to keep reading your blog! I was hooked when I found your post on Lolita @ Theos Project, and now I find you are not only a fan of good beer, but are enjoying one of my favourite brews from one of my favourite brewers 🙂

    Sadly, I’m yet to see a New Belgium brew back in Australia.

    Ah well, cheers! And back to lurking…


    • erdman31 says

      Hey Musing Monkey,

      Ha, ha! Well, yes, back to lurking; but I’m glad you came out of for a few minutes. I’m adding your blog to my Reader so I can get your posts as they come out.

      Generally I’d reach for a summer beer on a warm night, a wheat beer or a Corona. I was on the verge of grabbing a six pack of Corona, then I realized I may not have limes in the fridge. It’s hard for me to turn down a good dark ale, and the 1554 did not disappoint.


  2. Matt says

    I just bottled a Pilsner, and I have an Oktoberfest waiting for October (well more likely September 🙂 )

    Also have my first real shot at wine that will be ready in a month.


  3. Lately I’ve gone retro — Hamm’s, Pabst — not because they’re American but because they’re cheap. I buy wine in 3-liter boxes now too. Then there’s that big plastic jug of gin calling my name up in the cupboard. Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere, am I right?


    • Matt says

      Bulk is the way to go. You can spend $15 on 750ml or $20 on 1.5l.

      Jon, come on down to the land of heat and drought!


      • erdman31 says

        I don’t mind buying cheap liquor. I don’t mind buying bulk either. That’s a good way to go. I can’t compromise on the beer, though. It’s got to be a good micro brew.


    • erdman31 says


      We are in the same time zone now. So, when it’s five o’clock there, it’s five o’clock here.


  4. The brewery that makes your featured beer is right up the road, but I’ve never tried it. After I go through my 30-pack if Milwaukee Select I’ll pick up a six of the 1554.


    • erdman31 says

      Must be nice to be right down the road. Do you take advantage of samplings and taste testings at the brewery?


  5. Well, it’s up the road like an hour or so — I’ve never actually been to the brewery. Coors is an hour the other direction, and though I’ve had lunch maybe three times at a restaurant right across the street from the brewery and could practically get high on the fumes, that’s as close as I’ve gotten.


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