When given a group picture, most of us tend to look at our own figure first, to wonder how we turned out. It’s human nature to be concerned about what immediately affects us. It’s natural. Yet lost in our current political debate is the fact that eastern African nations are experiencing severe famine.

Somalia has a Phase 5 catastrophe rating. Phase 5 “occurs when more than 2 people per 10,000 die each day, acute malnutrition is above 30 percent, all livestock is dead, and there is less than 2,100 kilocalories of food and four liters of water available per person per day.” (from The Christian Science Monitor)

In Somalia’s famine-hit regions, 6 per 10,000 children are dying daily. $300 million dollars in funds are needed for Somalia for the next two months, and it will be approximately four months until the next rain.

Where to give:
UNHCR: 800-770-1100
Oxfam America: 800-77-OXFAM
(The above links provide details on what relief you money can provide)
Mercy Corps: 888-747-7440
International Committee of the Red Cross (partnered with Somali Red Crescent Society)
World Vision

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