I’ve been listening to the music of James Taylor recently on Pandora Radio. Surprisingly, the James Taylor station I’ve created is one of my favorites; I can play it on and on, days without end, amen. This newly found appreciation of JT comes at the tail end of an interest in what I call “melodic rock” (a playlist on my ipod). Deathcab for Cutie were the initial group that started this playlist, and it’s expanded to the likes of Coldplay, The Low Anthem, Ray LaMontagne, and Dave Matthews, to give you a flavor of what’s spinnin’ round in my head. Now with James Taylor, I’m reaching back in time and appreciating his smooth sounds.

4 thoughts on “James Taylor

    1. Yeah. Ben Gibbard in a different suite of clothes, all wrapped up in a little 80s New Wave. I dig it, friend. I dig.

      Do you own any of their music?


  1. The new Ray Lamontagne album is spectacular. James Taylor sounds like my childhood, and his greatest hits album is maybe my favorite piece of vinyl, ever. Cheers! –rmg


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