I couldn’t sleep Friday morning, in eager anticipation of the drive to come. Instead of toss and turn for another three hours, I just hit the road at 2am. I was on my way back to Indiana, one last time, to pick up some of my material possessions held in my storage unit and attend my good friend Nicole’s wedding.

The trip was going well. I napped for an hour or two, here and there. I went north, through Minnesota and Wisconsin, to avoid the heat. As I made my descent south, I got my second wind. Yes! Ten minutes later, a little independent coffee shop. It was providential, I assumed. So, I ordered a coffee with two shots of espresso and I was off. Three in the afternoon, and I was ready for the final push.

Then came Chicago traffic.

Of the stand still variety.

No air conditioning.

90 degrees.

Very humid.

(The bright spot was that this leisurely stroll around Chicago, this scenic tour, was a bargain, at less than $10 in tolls.)

But the caffeine did its thing, and I pulled into Warsaw, IN at 11pm to my good friend Jess’ house. The next day, Saturday, I partied at the wedding. Nicole was radiant, Andrew was charming, and I got to steppin’ on the dance floor.

Right now I am rushing around, packin’, pullin’, and pushin’, getting ready for the long trek back to South Dakota. Tomorrow morning I leave at dawn. I estimate that it’ll be a 16 or 17 hour drive.

Cross your fingers, friends. This rolling stone needs shelter.

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