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Drive (film, 2011)

Intense. Raw. Technotically hypnotic. Drive intrigued me like few movies have in quite some time. Rotten Tomatoes calls Drive “A hyper-stylized blend of striking imagery and violence, Drive represents a fully realized vision of arthouse action.” Think of Quentin Tarantino, add in the “hyper-stylized” arthouse action, then mix it with Francis Ford Coppola’s pacing in The Godfather.

I loved the spacing and slow pace of the movie. There was a good deal of silence, especially during the first half of the movie. Then, bang! All hell breaks loose. The lead character reminded me of Michael Corleone, the young Godfather who gets pulled into the underworld.

The Tomatometer over at Rotten Tomatoes has the film at a well-deserved 92% right now. I recommend the movie, though it gets quite violent toward the end.

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  1. I hated this movie. I probably would have liked it if it weren’t for the unnecessary displays of killing. I found the elevator scene particularly disturbing and couldn’t get that out of my head for a while.


  2. erdman31 says

    The elevator scene was disturbing. I’ve always been interested in gangster films and television, so was inclined to appreciate it.


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