Living into who you truly are

Christ does call us away from “clinging” to things of this world. Sexual orientation, however, is not something I “cling” to—it is simply a part of me, like my hand, my hazel eyes or my brown hair. Those who “cling” to something are those walking in this world trying to be something they are not. “Clinging” would be like writing with your non-dominant hand because the church and society only approves writing with one particular hand. “Clinging” is like putting in colored contact lenses because the church and society only approves of one eye color, or coloring your hair because the church and society only approves of one hair color.

“Clinging” is when you’re so afraid to live into the reality of how God has created you that you insist on putting on the mannerism of whatever way of living the church says is acceptable. So, you can “cling” to your religiously prescribed identity, but in reality you’re still a right-handed, hazel-eyed, brown-haired person. Living into who, and what, you truly are is not clinging—it is becoming whole.

Well put, I think. From a post by Candace Chellew-Hodge, Time to Get Rid of “Gay Christians.”

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Jonathan Erdman

Writer. In the summers, I live and work in the incredible state of Alaska, in the bush community of McCarthy, as the Executive Director of the Wrangell Mountain Center. When not in McCarthy, you'll typically find me in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, writing and working with local activists. My primary writing project right now is a novel set in remote bush Alaska, of the magical realism genre wherein an earnest and independent young woman finds a mysterious radio belonging to her grandmother, a device that has paranormal bandwidth and a disturbing ability to mess with one's mental stability.

One thought on “Living into who you truly are”

  1. I sometimes feel that the corporate unconsciousness of the church concerning her own identity can be so tragic. She clings and clings to perceptions that have very little to do with the one she professes to serve. Sadly, she projects this on her members and becomes an obstacle instead of a nurturer in their journey towards true identity in Christ.


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