I will be spending tonight in the Sioux Falls airport. In the meantime, I am feverishly preparing to depart. I fly to Atlanta tomorrow morning at 6am. I stay in Atlanta for a little over a week, then I take a bus cross country to Los Angeles, arriving in downtown L.A., the heart of the beast.

Why spend the night in Sioux Falls airport? I’ve heard that the beds are top notch. Just kidding. It is a bit complicated, but it comes down to the fact that Huron, SD, where I currently reside, is about 2 and 1/2 hours from the airport. Add to that the requisite 1.5 to 2 hours one must allow these days so as to enjoy a possible head to toe fondling by security, and that would necessitate that I leave at about 2am. Well, I usually go to bed at about that time, so that would mean zero hours of sleep tonight.

The plan now is that my good friend Susan will drive me to the airport, bless her soul, and I will arrive at midnight. I’ll read for a while, then settle in for a few hours of blissful, dreamy sleep.

Also see: Sleepinginairports.net

4 thoughts on “A mint on my pillow

  1. I’ve slept overnight in the Atlanta airport, but never the Sioux Falls. I hope the facility is equipped with benches that don’t have armrests between seats. And hopefully you won’t have to deal with one of those annoying 24/7 closed-circuit TVs that airports have installed to entertain the waiting customers while inundating them with paid advertising.


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