“It’s fertile ground for action. After all, Congress’s approval rating is now at 9%, which is another way of saying that everyone who’s not a lobbyist hates them and what they’re doing. The big boys are, of course, counting on us simmering down; they’re counting on us being cynical, on figuring there’s no hope or benefit in fighting city hall. But if we’re naïve enough to demand a country more like the one we were promised in high school civics class, then we have a shot.”


I definitely have a sense of optimism about the future, after a year of bold protests. Still the task before us does at the same time seem impossible. I tend to situate my psyche in the realm of reality and the possible, with my eyes fixed on the impossible. This is a good deal of what prayer is. Prayer is only really prayer when you haven’t got a prayer, as the deconstructionist Christian philosopher John Caputo might put it.

Quote from Yes! Magazine:

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