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The play of space


Tonight I practiced a walking meditation on this floor. It is my first on this bare wooden floor in a room still quite empty.

From one perspective, my room, my new home might be in need of things, of stuff. From another perspective, this is an open space of possibility. For walking meditation perhaps. Or room for yoga.

To some, the open mind needs to be filled with thoughts and activity. From another point of view, a spacious mind is free to invite others in conversation or to welcome God.

An empty life might seem meaningless, without purpose. To others, it is a spaciousness to allow the graced beauty of the world room to breathe, to move, to play.

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Writer. In the summers, I live and work in the incredible state of Alaska, in the bush community of McCarthy; I pass the winters in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. I'm working on a memoir-based nonfiction book on the American Dream. I blog, quite frequently, and I also have a novel in process, set in Alaska.

Consider this post an invitation, an invitation to comment and collaborate, in an open-ended sort of way, so please share your...whatever it is that's on your mind: thoughts, ideas, greetings, angst/irritation, inspiration, confusion, query, rant, salutation, data/research, meme, epigram, exposition or epiphany -- because I'm all about the synergy and solidarity. ~ JE

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