“With God, a little sincerity goes along way.” – James Finley, quoting Thomas Merton, at last night’s meditation group.

It is always such a rich experience for me to listen to James Finley and to join with him in a meditation group. Last night’s meeting also felt good because it made the headaches and stress of moving to a strange land feel worthwhile.

The idea of sincerity in spiritual formation strikes me just now, because when we are intentionally pursuing spiritual growth, it can be easy, at times, to feel like it isn’t doing any good. There can also be the sense that a seeker is just missing something, not bringing the right stuff to the table. Really though, sincerity is all God needs. Certainly there are other elements to spiritual growth, but sincerity is like the protein, the basic building block.

No matter where we are, all we need to do is to come as we are, sincere, even if we have not intentionally pursued spiritual growth in quite some time. There is simplicity in this, humility and grace.

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