Sometimes my meditation practice can be so ordinary. Often times prayer and other spiritual practices feel plain, common and routine. This might at first feel disappointing, like there should be something more dynamic, some emotionally deep experience.

It can be a downer.

For me, once I get past the little feeling of let down, I usually become appreciative of the ordinary nature of spiritual practice, because the goal of the contemplative way is not to reach any spiritual ecstasy, it is not something out of this world. It is very common and ordinary. Like a child born in a barn, sans the angelic hosts. Or like offering a child a cup of water or dropping a coin into a beggars cup.

2 thoughts on “Same old, same old

  1. Well . . . yes. But it shouldn’t be a boring time either. It’s good if you’re at a place where you feel comfortable in each others company. Maybe what you’re feeling is peace and contentment and those are really good things!


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