I was dissappointed by the President’s speech. He wants to engage in hydraulic fracturing as part of his economy “built to last.” The problem, of course, is that fracking injects poisonous chemics into our land and water. So if you live nearby, your water might bubble and hiss. (See the documentary film Gasland) There are other environmental problems witht this practice, so if you are not familiar with the fracking process, please do a bit of research before signing on with President Obama or any other politician promising an easy

One thought on “The State of Disunion

  1. I was disappointed too. There were a number of suggestions he made that were completely impossible and I was left to wonder if he just doesn’t know that (scary) or if he is deliberately being deceitful (scarier). For example, he suggests getting rid of teachers who aren’t doing a good job. Great idea. Completely impossible because of the teacher’s union. The way things are currently operating, the teachers who have tenure but don’t do their jobs get paid just as much as the good teachers. Other remedial teachers are hired to try to “fix” their mistakes. Then they retire and continue to eat up the tax dollars with their retirement programs. I gave up on public education and chose to pay extra for the private schools (while still continuing to pay my taxes for public education that I didn’t use). Obviously, we can’t close public schools, but I sometimes feel like we created a monster.

    There were other things in his speech that didn’t sound right but I’m not an authority on the topic. So I wouldn’t want to criticize until I have more information.


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