I enjoyed a stimulating Occupy L.A. event on Sunday. A new project for the movement is to provide free education. It’s a different kind of education, as you might imagine, a collaborative experience stripped (as much as possible) of positions of privilege and coercion. It is a forum of mutual respect extended to all, based primarily on our mutual honor for what life has taught us through our experiences.

The result is a more dynamic and democratic experience. This is only my second time attending, but already I feel myself expanding my horizons. It is refreshing to be a part of a group that actively engages new approaches that are truly outside of what is normative and stale. Being involved with these groups kind of reminds me of the purest reasons for education.


We had a really good turnout. These photos only show a few participants. People seemed to be very engaged in the learning process.


The subject matter is fascism. We’ve talked about characteristics of fascism and discussed to what extent our society displays fascism. This last photo shows a few of the notes, a record of thoughts and ideas generated from the class.

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