I came across this mini poster near a buss stop, at Crenshaw and Willshire, to be precise. Waiting on the 720, to be even more exact. While L.A. is not the place for my permanent residency, I feel that the experience was invaluable. I think I fit a good deal of living into that two month period, and I made some good friends as well.

It is safe to say, though, that I feel at home in a small community close to the natural world. The idea of moving to Alaska first intrigued my imagination a few years back at the Indianapolis Zoo. I read somewhere in the zoo of a bear attack in the city of Anchorage, a runner was attacked in a city park. Odd, I know, that a bear attack should trigger a desire to move to AK. I think it is the wildness of nature that I love. In Alaska, one is more likely to feel as though civilization is out of place within the natural world. In our industrial world, where we continue to invade and destroy the wild spaces, it most often feels as though we have to work hard simply for a few parks or camping areas. I like feeling small and insignificant in the midst of forests, mountains, lakes, eagles, berries, ocean, squirrels, and yes, even bears!