4 thoughts on “Like that which it loves

    1. Hhhmmm…presumably yes. Jesus certainly inverted the paradigm of those deemed “sinners” by attending their parties. That he was a “fried of sinners” was meant to count against him.


  1. For God so loved the world, he humbled himself, etc. Relatedly, I’ve been following the further adventures of a post-evangelical guy on whose blog I commented fairly frequently early in my blogging days. He’s now either rethought the texts or has finally acknowledged that he questions, on exegetical grounds, the creedal doctrine that Jesus is God. That might prove to be a significant doctrinal shift if it were to catch on more widely. A number of this guy’s commenters seem to agree with downgrading Jesus to human, though there’s less clarity about the ordinariness of his humanity. No one seems to see much difference in the way they live their lives or do worship.


    1. Oh yeah. I hear that. When I was at Grace, there was a prof. asking the question, on exegetical grounds mind you, of whether Jesus knew he was God. Obviously, the prof. assumed the diety if JC, but he couldn’t find evidence in the synoptic gospels that would support Jesus’ belief in and knowledge of his own diety….as for me, I think I’ll stick with the ole one god three persons formula. It gives me more options. =)


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