“Birth control should be an important topic to those of us who consider ourselves pro-life because the most effective way to curb the abortion rate in this country is to make birth control more affordable and accessible…”

“….those who oppose coverage of birth control based on their religious or pro-life convictions must take into consideration the fact that lack of coverage may actually lead to more abortions. And we must remember that shrugging off birth control as something people should be able to easily pay for on their own betrays some of our own economic privilege in this conversation…”


One thought on “Privilege and the Pill: Pro-lifer on supporting access to birth control

  1. Last time I checked, things were already set up so that women can get free birth control at certain clinics based on financial need. The problem with making another law about it comes when we debate what birth control is. If we’re talking about something you take to avoid pregnancy it’s one thing. When you talk about something you take to get rid of the little baby you’ve already got started- that’s different situation. Those who object to providing it are seeing that the current definition of birth control encompasses both situations and that’s why they are not ok with it.


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