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On safari in Tarangire National Parkn

An amazing day on the African Savannah.

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What we saw…Here’s the (short) list:

  • Ostrich (fast as 125 km/hr.)
  • Dikdik (tiny cute lil antelope)
  • Impala (not just a car, turns out)
  • Water buck
  • Cheetah with young (Yeah. You heard that right, brother. A rare spotting, but spot it we did.)
  • Wart hogs (and young)
  • White Headed Buffalo Weaver (bird)
  • Lilac Crested Roller (bird)
  • Giraffe (Yessss!)
  • Elephants (gestation period: 2 years – a long time to carry an elephant in your belly)
  • Baobab tree
  • Velvet Monkey (with turquoise-colored testicles…very strange)
  • Candle Obra (?) tree
  • Lion (with young)
  • Superb Starlings (bird)
  • Ash Starling (bird)
  • Marsha (?) Eagle
  • Mongoose (surprisingly small, we all agreed, for being cobra killers)
  • Sausage tree
  • Bear Faced Go Away Birds
  • Secretary Bird (Can you take a memo for me, please?)
  • Helmeted Guinea
  • Baboons
  • Ground Horney Bill (bird….not making up that name)
  • Black Smith Plover (bird)
  • Zebra (Absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing what a nice paint job will do for a donkey.)
  • Cape Buffalo. Aka Water Buffalo.
  • Bee Eater (bird)
  • Marabou Stork
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