Very pleasantly surprised at the diversity and spottings in Arusha National Park. Less than an hour’s drive. We had a great day.

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Went on a safari close to home – an easy day trip – with some fellow Food Water Shelter volunteers. The wild life we saw….

  • Cape Buffalo
  • Zebra
  • Giraffe (Several different sightings, some very very close.)
  • Wart hogs
  • Blue monkey
  • Colobus Monkey
  • Water fall
  • Baboons
  • Dikdik or some small antelope
  • Water Buck (So named because there is no substantial meat that predators can get to – they are very..uh..watery. So, the Water Buck essentially has no predators.)
  • Hippo (from a far distance)
  • Flamingos (And they are just as silly in person as you can imagine.)
  • Surval cat (Just a flash of her)
  • Bush buck
  • Greyheaded kingfisher
  • Dikdik (small antelope)

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