An encouraging article on sustainable projects being implemented around the world.

“…human consumption has exceeded our planet’s capacity to regenerate…It is now estimated that  86% of the world’s population live in countries that require more from nature than their ecosystems can provide. According to the  Global Footprint Network, if everybody were to live like Americans, it would take four Earths to support the global population.  The U.S. was ranked 33 on the  2014 environmental performance index (EPI). Consequently, several countries have  begun to adopt the ecological footprint model, which demonstrates the energy and resources consumed in
 each country per person to raise awareness and educate populations about resource demand…”

Click on the link below to see the kinds of sustainable practices that other nations are implementing. It is important, I think, in the U.S. to realize that there are a lot of amazing possibilities for sustainable living. Right now we are stuck in a rut, chained to an old way of living that doesn’t inspire the next generation. But if we were to put our collective energies into building a sustainable economy, we could create something far more beautiful and life giving.
Photo note: Taken two days ago. Fall colors are gorgeous here in McCarthy.

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