Don delillo nyc 02.jpg

I’m ramping up for doing some serious writing. My seasonal Alaska work is coming to a close at the end of this month, and this frees me up for a good many months of writing. I’ve got around five books I’d love to write, but I’ll try to take it one at a time…or maybe two at a time. =) In any event, I came across this Don DeLillo quote that really resonated with me:

DeLillo has described his fiction as being concerned with “living in dangerous times”, and in a 2005 interview declared, “Writers must oppose systems. It’s important to write against power, corporations, the state, and the whole system of consumption and of debilitating entertainments […] I think writers, by nature, must oppose things, oppose whatever power tries to impose on us.”via Don DeLillo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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