Interesting article in the Atlantic on aging. In 1880, the average life expectancy of someone born in the U.S. was 39.4 years old. Now it’s about double that, and we still have a hard time squeezing everything in. =)

“Thomas Perls, a professor at Boston Medical Center who analyzes the genomes of centenarians, notes that Seventh-Day Adventists enjoy about a decade more life expectancy than peers of their birth years: ‘They don’t drink or smoke, most are vegetarians, they exercise regularly even when old, and take a true weekly day of rest.’ But what really strikes Perls about Seventh-Day Adventists is that they maintain large social groups. ‘Constant interaction with other people can be annoying, but overall seems to keep us engaged with life.'”

via What Happens When We All Live to 100? – The Atlantic.

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