“I mean, there’s this mythology out there that women lie about being raped. In fact, some women do lie about being raped — between 2 and 10 percent is the best research. Many studies show this. So it’s really a small amount. It’s not too different from other crimes. The difference is in other crimes the victim isn’t assumed to be lying…”

“….the best statistics show that about 97 percent of rapes, you know, the rapist walks away, is never held accountable. That is, to me, really disturbing…”

Jon Krakauer, Author of Missoula: Rape And The Justice System In A College Town. NPR


One thought on “Interview: Jon Krakauer. NPR

  1. Good article. I’m glad he wrote the book. Women hurt for the rest of their lives after a rape. It’s way different than other types of trauma. And even little girls – it’s so very sad. The majority of men don’t get it. They sometimes act like she enjoyed it as much as he did. Sooooooooooo Not true. I’m glad it was a guy who wrote that book. It will help victims who have associated all men as being beasts like the one(s) who hurt them and took away their dignity. I could tell you a lot of stories I have personally heard of the hurt and ongoing emotional damage. Thanks for sharing that.


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