It always seems to me that it’s about a month, between the time when I start noticing that most of the leaves have started turning bright colors to the time when the trees start shedding their foliage. The leaves are starting to drop, now, and in a week or so I expect the trees to be bare.

Only a week back, I would walk right past this place, with no visibility of what was beyond the trees. Now the view is picturesque:


McCarthy Creek, fall 2017

One thought on “The views u can use

  1. Colorado is my home.

    I have not been there for colors in 2 decades.

    I am aware western colors don’t compare to New England colors, but Colorado is home. And you cant beat that.

    I miss the views.

    Hey… I found this video on line and it caused me to think of you. Especially the dude near the end who went out west to the mountains to commit suicide, but then decided to live in the woods instead. (I don’t mean that the suicide part reminds me of you… not at all, but the way the host talks about scenery and then becoming part of it…) He goes out to find this guy in the mountains and spends a day hiking with him.

    Not all the adventures in this video make me think of you, but a few of them do.

    Like I said before, I might have entirely the wrong impression, but this link makes a connection there in my mind.

    Check it out here:


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