About a week ago, I jumped into one of my book projects, first thing in the morning. I had stopped working on my “serious writings,” as the first thing, for a variety of reasons, among them the fact that I tend to check the news, sort my emails, respond to online comments, etc. The labyrinth, though, is endless.

Starting out with the world wide web had sort of become a habit, without me really thinking about it, until a week ago, when I started in on one of my book projects, before any kind of activity on the world wide weblings. It went well….And Jon looked at all he had done, and behold it was very good….

I had forgotten how good it feels to start in on a serious writing project, right away in the morning, when the mind is most fresh, when the brain is less fragmented. It was something I knew but had not practiced. Having not practiced, it sort of slipped the mind. Not to put too fine a point on it, or to wax too philosophically, but life is, in large part, an effort in remembering and doing what we already know.

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