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Talking Trump: Trust me everyone’s talking about it, and believe me it’s bigly

There is a fine article in the The Atlantic. It’s a very fine article in the very fine magazine The Atlantic. This article, How to Talk Trump: A short guide to speaking the president’s dialect, is — look, it’s a very fine article, and truly they do very fine, really good work at The Atlantic, so if you want to speak big league, like Donald Trump, who is, frankly, the President of the United States, I might add, then you will absolutely read this article.

Everybody’s talking about it. I mean, that’s what they tell me. They tell me — and I am basically a writer, okay, so if anyone knows about words, it’s me because, okay, I like to write, I’ll be honest with you — and people tell me, and really it’s so many people, but what they tell me is that this is a tremendous guide for talking like Trump. That’s what they tell me, and believe me, they are right. They are so right. In fact, they are so right that I am going to share with you some of my highlights from reading the article, and it’s just truly fantastic.

“I’ve seen this, and I’ve sort of witnessed it—in fact, in two cases I have actually witnessed it.”


• the African Americans
• the blacks
• the cyber
• the Latinos
• the women


big / huge / major / many / massive / numerous / staggering / substantial / tough / vast

Usage note: These may be spoken once, twice (“major, major”), or three times (“many, many, many”).

“We were the big bully, but we were not smartly led. And we were the big bully who was the big stupid bully.”

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