Current Events and Scattered Scribbles
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Watching some classic Chappelle’s Show

Tron Carter’s “Law & Order”


    • That’s Chappelle’s genius: he is able to use comedy to get the the essential core of something true. And comedy is a form of storytelling quite conducive to that. I think Jesus’ parables did a similar thing: he used stories to illustrate something profoundly true. Whether comedy or parables, the use of story can cut through the intellectualizing of debate…..Sort of makes me wonder what kind of a story can cut through the bullshit and help conservative folks realize the kind of suffering they are causing kids at the border…..


      • I don’t use facebook, but my dad does. He posted a picture of Superman (the one from when he was a kid) with a caption describing an alien kid that came to America and wound up defending Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

        Cause for pause

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