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Pity the billionaire

Elizabeth Warren had a zinger the other day in response to criticism from the next billionaire Presidential wannabe, Howard Schultz, who said that he is running for President in response to the fact that Warren is running on a sensible idea of a wealth tax. She said,

“We have a billionaire who says he wants to jump into the race and the first issue he’s raised is ‘no new taxes on billionaires.’ Let’s see where that goes.”

Shultz’s criticism was notable. It’s classic. It’s what I think of as playing a little game of illusion and delusion called pity the billionaire.

Despite their complete and absolute dominance of the world, somehow people do in fact feel sorry for billionaires. As a side note, it makes me wonder about people in Ancient and Medieval times — did they pity the powerful? The old monarchs and aristocrats, the Lords and Ladies of olden days? Ancient folks seemed to have more sense than that, but back in those days the workings of power were a bit less complex than today.

Here’s Shultz:

“When I see Elizabeth Warren come out with a ridiculous plan of taxing wealthy people a surtax of 2 percent because it makes a good headline, or sends out a tweet, when she knows for a fact that is not something that’s ever going to be passed, this is what’s wrong. You can’t just attack these things in a punitive way by punishing people.”

Warren came back with this Tweet:


In a sane society such a point would be obvious, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Note how Schultz is preaching compromise between the two parties on “The View” and yet…he doesn’t seem very willing to compromise on the tax proposals.  He is literally running for president because he is terrified of AOC’s proposal of a 70% marginal tax rate AFTER someone makes their first $10 million.

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    • Ha ha. Yes. So true.

      Thanks for sending me the link in this… And also for the many other articles that you pass along. It definitely helps to keep abreast of the news amidst the daily cacophony of current events.


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