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NYC: Amazon is out, class consciousness is in

The Powers That Be


Be not happy

With AOC

Amazon is out, class consciousness is in

They keep going after her, which is quite remarkable, really, i.e., that a freshman Congressional representative would get this much national attention. There is understandable great consternation and anxiety on the political right about America’s re-awakening and rising sense of class consciousness. Class consciousness seems to be only increasing, which means that in the future Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can expect a lot more intense opposition and hostility than billboards in Times Square.


  1. AOC had little or nothing to do with scrapping the NYC – Amazon deal. So what’s to be inferred from these billboards? I’m guessing that the Republicans have identified AOC as the poster child for anti-Democratic Party hostility among Republicans. Socialist, young, woman, Mexican (well, Puerto Rican, but same thing, right?), smug — she checks all the boxes. It’s as if Trump is running against AOC regardless of who gets the nomination. Throwing the spotlight her way is a get-out-the-vote strategy aimed at Republicans tempted to sit out the next Presidential election because Trump is such a dick and an embarrassment. It’s an “anybody but AOC” tactic to solidify the Republican moderates in swing states.

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    • I agree. It’s a strategy, however, that doesn’t require a leftist/socialist/radical. Before AOC it was Obama who was certainly not progressive and barely liberal, if we look at his policy and politics. A centrist like Obama will do as the “anything but…” perhaps because he is not white. Technically Obama is half white, of course, but in America being half black and half white usually means that you are perceived as fully black and not at all white. I’m just speculating but this might explain why it’s more difficult for Republicans to cast Bernie as the “anything but…” villain. Creating hysteria seems to be easier with those who fall outside the comfort zone, i.e. the comfort that most Americans seem to find in having their leaders be straight white males.

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      • True that — the billboard even invokes the “Thanks, Obama” meme. But Obama actually won, twice, so the anything-but ploy didn’t get it done in his case. AOC kicks up the visceral antagonism a couple more notches. Speaking of Bernie, he caught some flak in FL for not renouncing Maduro as a dictator. FL always turns out to be a key state, with a strong anti-Castro voting bloc to mollify. Of course the Saudi king is a dictator too, but that’s different…

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