Author: Jonathan Erdman

Slug life

I’m trying to make the most of my remaining time here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I start out tomorrow and in the meantime, I’m packing and getting the car ready for the trip up north to Alaska, but I try to squeeze in some walking and hiking time. I was hiking a few weeks back with an activist friend, Nick, a union organizer. I was introducing him to Fall Creek State Park, which is walking distance from my house. Fall Creek is also my go-to trail because apart from being so close and accessible it’s also not very heavily trafficked. It’s got all the splendor you’d expect from a Redwood forest — towering, serene trees, a barrage of gorgeous greenery, and a stillness that serves to refresh the civilization weary soul.

Berning in the woods

A week from last Saturday was the big kick off push for Bernie Sanders campaign volunteers. There were nearly five thousand gatherings across the country, many that congregated in living rooms and around kitchen tables and private homes, across the fruited plains. There were several in my area and since I wanted to get a pulse on how the campaign was going, I attended three of them.

Go to work naked?

It’s sometimes difficult to get back into the swing of things after tax season, i.e., it’s difficult to resume normal life, especially when my version of normal includes things like getting organized to live four months off the grid in bush Alaska. I also difficult to pick up blogging again, so to get back to posting again, I figured that an ice breaker might help, and the best ice breakers always involve nudity, imho. So here’s one for you: would you rather have an auto loan or go to work naked?

Bernie in San Fran, thus begins the long march

For those of us in the tax prep business, March is truly a long march. Interestingly, the most stress comes not so much from the work itself but from keeping up with life outside of work when you have such little time to run errands and take care of the mundane minutia of life, like grocery shopping or folding laundry. At least that’s the case for me. Hence a day off is often a time for catch up, for such of life’s little things. That was the plan for yesterday, Sunday, my one day weekend. But a friend told me to “do something that lights you up” and I took her advice and went up to San Francisco to hear Bernie and to #feelthebern from other Berners. The really was at Great Meadow Park at Fort Mason, not far from the Warf and the Golden Gate bridge. Here are a few of the sights from the scene: