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Bernie in San Fran, thus begins the long march

For those of us in the tax prep business, March is truly a long march. Interestingly, the most stress comes not so much from the work itself but from keeping up with life outside of work when you have such little time to run errands and take care of the mundane minutia of life, like grocery shopping or folding laundry. At least that’s the case for me. Hence a day off is often a time for catch up, for such of life’s little things. That was the plan for yesterday, Sunday, my one day weekend. But a friend told me to “do something that lights you up” and I took her advice and went up to San Francisco to hear Bernie and to #feelthebern from other Berners. The really was at Great Meadow Park at Fort Mason, not far from the Warf and the Golden Gate bridge. Here are a few of the sights from the scene:

Should the DSA endorse Bernie?

DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) is the activist organization that I “fuck with,” fuck with being a younger person’s slang/trendy term used to describe the persons/places/things/ideas that one is down with. All fucking aside, I’ve been a member of DSA for a few years now, and currently the national DSA organization is debating whether to formally endorse Bernie in 2020, so at our March organizing meeting here in Santa Cruz we dedicated a good bit of the meeting to discussing the Berning question. For us it’s kind of an odd subject matter because we mostly focus on local politics/activism, not so much on national politics or national issues.

No mamacita, adventures at the urinal

The other night I went to the restroom to pee. It was sometime after six, I think, and I was winding down my work day. I rounded the corner, and came to the restroom door and saw that it was being cleaned by an older gentleman. I said that I could come back later, which basically meant that I would just hold it until I got home, but he was gracious and pleasant and told me to use the restroom, please.

Savoring life’s little Kafka moments

I sent an email to a client recently, sending them some forms that I had completed and requesting their approval. It was a small project that, upon the client’s approval, we would then file with the appropriate agencies, etc. The response was prompt, “Excellent, thank you.” Being new to the firm and quite unfamiliar with our clients, I was confused: was the reply message approving the forms and the filing? Or was the client merely acknowledging receipt of the forms? I wasn’t sure, so I forwarded the message to the partner who handles this client and asked her whether this was an approval or an acknowledgement. Her response: Excellent, thank you!