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Democratize Facebook

Question: What’s stopping us from just taking over Facebook? We live in an era of rage, and rage is an appropriate response to the nearly unprecedented level of cultural and political corruption, but unless outrage has a productive direction to go in, it just ends up with…well, with Trump & Co. What we need is creativity, imagining new possibilities for society, beyond the sound-bytes and clichés that both conservatives and liberals have been fighting about for decades. So, here’s an idea: We take over Facebook

Back to blogging

I’d been blogging like a fiend for about six weeks, then suddenly nothing, until this post. I didn’t realized how much my blogging depended on my smartphone until my smartphone began to die, a few weeks back. At first I thought it was the battery, because the power would drain fast and take a long time to charge. So, new battery. When that didn’t work I ended up getting a new phone, well, new for me. I picked up a refurbished version of the phone I have been using for a few years, the ole Samsung Note 3. The Samsung Note 3 was the phone that everyone started calling a “phablet” a few years back. (Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? It’s both!) Big phones are the norm now, but a few years back the Note 3 looked and felt like way too much, so people would send them back, and because there were so many models sent back, I picked up a refurbished model of the Note 3, for cheap. Now that …

Busy techno-bees be busy buzzing, busy buzzing in my busy brain

So, the title is a tongue twister, for those who are into such things, people weird like me. We’ve all now extended ourselves via the virtual world of the Internet, it isn’t science fiction, it’s just our daily reality, a reality that is both virtual and real…and often times, our lives lie somewhere in between. Here’s the leading idea: Technology is an extension of the self. It ain’t all bad, I’m not saying that, not really. Speaking for myself, my brain remembers more shit, due to the fact that I have the Google Note app on my smartphone. I have access to a wider variety of news and current events info., because I can browse through the vast infinite space of information and ideas, aka the world wide web. I can retain and recall more of that information because I use the Evernote app to save web pages and notes as well as my own thoughts and writings. And I correspond quicker — instantly sending messages around the world! — and I correspond more often, via …

How social media saved socialism | The Guardian

Forget the idea that Twitter and Facebook are bad for democracy. Bubbles can be beneficial, and help emerging movements unite against the elites I sometimes fear that I’m some sort of a “slacktivist.” At its worst, a slacktivist is someone who only exerts the most minimal efforts toward causes they deem worthy. A slacktivist may share a meme on Facebook or sign an online petition, then after burning .01 calories in about sixty some seconds of exertion, they hear a distinct and rewarding voice in the back of their heads, congratulating them: you’ve done your part. [pat on the back]

Our conveniences are killing us | The Guardian

Winter storms battered this stretch of coastal California, blocking the sole road – but residents forced to leave their cars at home have been feeling the benefit. “I’ll be sort of sorry to see the bridge go back up,” said Carey. “We’re all hiking that trail all the time, but next year how many will still do it?” Source: ‘Every crisis has a silver lining’: why Big Sur’s isolation is making people fitter | US news | The Guardian

The God’s Eye View by Barry Eisler

How I rate it: 4 of 5 stars What I liked: It was a thrill ride, a thinkers thrill ride, but a thriller nonetheless. It’s a bit creepy to contemplate the reach of the government in the post-9/11 world. Even creepier, I submit, when a skilled author brings characters to life who have to grapple with the issues in real time, on the run.  Plot Summary: A clean up by the NSA leads to a cover up, and cover ups lead to more cover ups. The body count and loose ends lead an analyst inside the agency to start to ask questions, questions that she knows she isn’t ready to answer, questions that peel back the curtain on the NSA’s power and god-like reach. “Something about all that power seemed to make the assholes who wielded it believe they were invulnerable.”


HOLACRACY ADVOCATES ARGUE THAT CENTRALIZATION OF POWER SUFFOCATES INNOVATION What is holacracy? Holacracy is management by committee with an emphasis on experimentation. The CEO formally relinquishes authority to a constitution and re-organizes everyone into decentralized teams that choose their own roles roles and goals. Zappos just abolished bosses. Inside tech’s latest management craze. – Vox.

Article “The internet is fucked” | The Verge

One of my own (many) gripes against capitalism is that it breeds huge mutant monopoly companies who eat their families. When big industries are deregulated, the powerful tend to use their power to squash competition, or merge with other powerful companies. They then use this new strength to squeeze out even more competition until they remain, alone, at the top of the heap. (Think about the old days when princes would murder their brothers and any other familial rival…Hey, at least they were honest.) This sad capitalistic story keeps replaying itself in American, and if you want, you can make a bag of popcorn and watch it unfold, as mega-bucks mutant freak corporation Comcast grows bigger and bigger….But be warned, watching it unfold may require shelling out big bucks to Comcast for an internet bundle plan.