What is wrong with white people?

Over the last few years, I’ve watched the revival of racial animosity in America, I’ve watched yet another incarnation of the KKK, and I’ve watched white Americans everywhere froth with xenophobia as they talk about taking their country back, and on reflection, I can’t help but wonder if it’s we white people that are the inferior race. I’d like to think that all races are equal, etc., and I’d like to believe in the whole color blind thing, but white people just seem really messed up……Then I saw this video by comedian Louis CK, and an interesting possibility emerges: maybe white people are really just aliens from another planet who don’t belong here. That would explain a lot.

Stopping the pipeline

A good summary of the opposition to Keystone XL pipeline….From the video….The odds are against us. We are up against the most profitable industry in human history…..This pipeline is a foreign company pumping foreign oil through the heart of the United States, to ship away to foreign buyers….We are caretakers of creation, and there is a responsible alternative to our current dependence on fossil fuels: creating local jobs and investing in alternative, renewable energy sources.